Code of Ethics for Animal Communication

Animal Communication Code of Ethics
Honored and Practiced by Susan Pipes

1.  I believe all animals and beings in nature are intelligent, with thoughts and feelings.  I honor them as individuals and equals with the same right to be here as we are.

2.  I promise to act with compassion, love and caring towards animals and the people in their lives without judgment.  We all have a story.  I will always act with honesty and integrity and will represent only legal, moral and ethical causes who have committed to a holistic view of all beings and our interconnectedness.

3.  I believe that we are all intuitive and can communicate with animals and nature.   I commit to helping and contributing to the growth and understanding of interspecies communication in all means possible.

4.  I believe that I have a duty to ensure that all animals I communicate with have the opportunity to express themselves to those concerned and I will share their messages as they are presented to me with honesty, and without judgment or interpretation. An individual’s free will and choice to communicate is always honored.

5.  I will recommend and refer clients to professional colleagues that I believe will offer help above and beyond the scope of my skills in a session. I recommend the use of medical professionals for all illness and disease.  I am not a Veterinarian or a Western Medical Doctor and I do not diagnose or cure.

6.  I am committed to my own personal journey of growth and discovery and will continue to practice, study and learn.  I honor my family, my intuition and the animals I work with.

7.  I believe that I am trusted with private and personal information relating to a communication session. I will never disclose information regarding a session without permission.

Susan Pipes