About Susan Ann Pipes

Intuitive, psychic animal communication rarely starts all of a sudden. It is actually part of a journey of discovery: as much about ourselves as it is about the animals that we love.

I ‘ve met incredible animals like Luigi the love bird who has his own line of greeting cards, and Dolly the Dove who shares her messages of the animal’s gifts to humanity. They too are on a mission.

After seeing both of my parents struggle with chronic health issues and with a young girl’s curiosity, I became interested in healing and energy. The power of the spirit can be very unyielding in it’s attempt to bring about balance in the body.

I receive messages in many ways including seeing small video clips, pictures, I may feel deep emotion, hear conversations, get big downloads of information, experience aromas and other sensory information. These may not always be present together in every session though. This is just ways of receiving information and no two people are the same. I also recieve and draw upon information from combined sources that may include some of my educational background and more. It’s all part of the process and I just pass on what I receive.

A session for animals or people may include all, or some of the following in each session.

  • Intuive personal and health insights shared with reiki and energy healing for people and animals
  • Reiki Master and other healing energy techniques – profound changes and insights that are part of the healing journey
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner- Acupuncture and Herbology – health suggestions according to TCM theory
  • Colour therapy suggestions for acute and chronic situations
  • Flower essence therapy and intuitive custom blends
  • Intuitive health scans
  • Crystal suggestions for fun and healing
  • Chakra insights that may offer suggestions for blockages and disharmony
  • Intuitive dowsing
  • EFT (emotional freedom technique) suggestions

Intuition was something that I had always been in touch with, but I had learned not to trust it and was searching for other answers. This was confusing. Getting back in touch with my intuition opened many doors and the road seemed to be paved for me with every step. It all fell into place. I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Shortly after completing my studies my Great Dane X Beau and I moved to the Bahamas. We lived there for a number of years and enjoyed a very successful acupuncture and holistic healing practice. I started marketing and selling aromatherapy products and flower essences which I still sell today.

While treating patients I was already receiving and working with energetic messages and this was all part of the treatment. I would see pictures, feel memories and see colours that had created an inbalance in my patients. Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about creating balance and that can be achieved in different ways, all working with a form of energy to bring the body back into homeostasis.

It was my animal communication work that really took me by surprise. When I was younger, I thought I was communicating with them, and I was, but not like I do it today. I started to pay more attention to this part of my intuition after I started receiving messages from my older horses. I was amazed with the clarity of the messages that I was receiving. I discovered I could receive and send messages, sense and see illness and body system imbalances and discover and offer help with training and behaviour problems. This was very similar to what I had experienced with my patients and I was fascinated with this and how it could initiate the healing process.

Our journey and paths in life may cross and turn and take us to unknown places, making events seem confusing at the time. But know that “who” you are today is a direct result of everything that has happened in your life so far and has brought you to this very place.

A soul seeks to grow and learn and each contributes to the further growth, or evolution of humanity. We are all a part of this process and each soul makes a contribution and a difference. It is important to be mindful or your actions as we each have “the power of one” which affects the whole.

I hope that you can take the time to learn and trust your own intuition. You will see how it can help with your animal friends and other relationships in your life. The animals like to communicate with us and are happy to share their point of view, we just need to listen…carefully. Their messages are not only about themselves but about you and the sacred journey that you share together.

I do all my animal communication and healing sessions with great sincerity and with the highest intentions for the animals and their human companions. I truly hope that you find the sessions to be helpful, insightful and fun.

Today I enjoy a successful animal communication business helping animals and the people that love them all over the globe. This is my goal.

Please contact me anytime if you have any questions or would like to learn more. You may want to take a few minutes to listen to a beautiful cricket chorus that transcends time and will open your mind.

All animals are healers and it is our shared unconditional love and lessons that bonds us in our journey together.

Love and light in healing,