Shingo Victoria B.C.

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Hi Sue:

This is so fantastic.  I feel this really does reflect who Shingo is.  I
suppose the female with the fushia lipstick must be Alex, Mike’s girlfriend.
Shingo certainly barks more when a big male comes to the door.  He always
warms up to them later but you can see he feels them a threat at first.

Thanks for doing this,  D.R.  Victoria

Much appreciated and Thank you

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Winnie’s results were dead on except for the tiny little marshmallow
treat.  However, everything said was on the money …

Much appreciated and Thank you,
Jerri Lynn  B.C.

We are thrilled with the insight you have given us to our cat-family!

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Dear Susan,
This part of my email won’t be professional for the website cause I just want to say HOLY ****!  Pardon me!!! You have an amazing gift!
We are thrilled with the insight you have given us to our cat-family. And they are our family as we have no kids. THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to look into our family.  Susan, your insight to our cats Spencer and Darby was truly enlightening. Spencer the beautiful Siamese-tabby-cross is indeed a ‘princess’ in his attitude, but knows when it’s time for love and time for play. In his younger days he jumped and twisted exactly as you describe! Darby is a healer and loves to share her love with us exactly as you describe. Knowing she is concerned about me makes me be more aware of myself and my need to slow down. We will be aware to watch for any of the particular health concerns you describe for them both, and are happy to say they are both in excellent health at the present time. Your insight has allowed us to see them in a new light and know that they appreciate us, and are always trying to communicate with us. We love them so much and to know that they are happy in their home is so important and valued for my husband and I. Thank you from all of us!
Thaylin, Doug, Spencer and Darby
Victoria, BC

From Harmony in Oregon

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“The communication was right on.  I felt Susan really connected with Sammy and his messages  for us were surprising.” Harmony,Oregon

From Melissa, Victoria BC

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Hi Susan, Wow, what a thrill to read these words. I was brought to tears by what you have shared with me. I cannot express enough gratitude for the gift of insight into my little girl’s (Sophie the cat) true thoughts and feelings. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this miraculous gift. You have brought me and my girl (Sophie) closer to one another, and have also helped me to focus on finding my happiness again, for us both.

Victoria BC

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