Animal Communication

Animal spirit communication is certainly not new but this lost form of communication has been gathering momentum with pet and animal lovers as they try to understand their companions and deepen their bond.   Our animals usually have an opinion and are happy to share it with us if we are open and listen to their point of view.

Max has an opinion...can you tell my family?

Max has an opinion...can you tell my family?

We are all born with our own intuitive abilities but because of different environmental influences we do not always trust or learn to use  this skill to it’s full potential. We have all experienced the unique emotions and feelings of being close to nature with all her animals and organic growth.  I communicate with animals using my intutive and telepathic senses   passing on the messages that your animal companion is waiting to share with you.



An animal communication consultation  can reveal valuable  information that may be helpful in the following situations:


  • help to resolve behaviour and emotional issues
  • training obstacles or confusion
  • enjoyment and genuine interest in what they want to us know, from their point of view
  • health concerns with an intuitive body scan
  • explore a change in eating habits
  • emotional and spiritual awareness  from your animal’s point of view
  • helps with end of life issues
  • communicating with your animal friend who is in spirit or passed on
  • special messages from your animal friend about the journey and bond that you share together
  • pre-purchase compatibility awareness
  • receive inspiring messages about your own personal journey

These are only a few ideas of how an animal communication session can benefit both you and your animal friend.  A session can be very enlightening,entertaining  and can  help to build  a  more loving, trusting relationship.   I am very proud to be able to help the animals in communicating their point of view, offering long distance reiki treatments, essences and offering a  Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.

Your appointment can be scheduled below and is approximately one to 1 1/2 hours or as long it takes to communicate with your animal friend and pass on the information to you.  After I connect with your animal companion I like to present the information to you over the phone. You will have the opportunity to ask additional questions or get clarification on a subject at this time.  You will also receive a multi page typed transcript for your reading enjoyment later. Every  communication with an animal is unique and  different and that’s why I charge by session and not by the hour.  It  is very important to me that every message is shared with you as it was intended.  Some inspiring thoughts  may require a personal look inside yourself for clarity and growth. Your animal friends may have special messages for you  that explain  their journey with you and what you have to share with humanity.

If you choose as this time to purchase a customized formula of  flower essences I will be happy to blend one that will support  issues or concerns that may come up. Quite often our animal companions  will share or mirror issues that  involve you.  The essences can be taken by both of you together that will assist to  promote physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

Click below to schedule your consultation  $100.00  Includes detailed written report and phone conversation to present the messages.

Please do not hesitate  to contact me  with any questions you may have before you pay for a session.