Animal Communication with a Traditional Chinese Medicine Point of View

Animal communication with a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view

An animal communication with a TCM perspective combines the messages the animals wish to share offering the combined wisdom of both. Applying chinese medicine principles to your animal can help to bring them back in balance. The price is the same as an animal communication but the messages the body presents will have a TCM point of view. $100.00 for your communication session of approx. 1 hour

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Welcome to the fascinating world of traditional chinese medicine and acupuncture. It is one the original healing and preventative health systems for all life developed close to 5000 years ago in China. This philosophy and healing system evolved to explain, treat and prevent illness and disease. Simply put, it was based on common sense with the holistic view of man and nature and the influences of both .

Traditional chinese medicine includes four distinct methods of treatment: herbology, acupuncture, manipulative therapy ( tui na massage, acupressure,qi gong, tai chi) and food cures (diet therapy)

There is a story of ancient China of how the old Doctors were paid a fee to keep everyone healthy, when someone got sick then the physician would no longer be paid. His earnings were soley based on preventing illness. This seems to be a concept that more and more people are becoming aware of today and healty habits regarding the care and maintanence of the body mind and spirit are valued. It is much easier to maintain the balance than to try and bring balance back to a multi layered illness. Chinese medicine and acupuncture is all about balance.

Where you have a blockage or imbalance you have disease or disharmony. Bring balance back and you have harmony.

Chinese medicine explained itself easily to a people who lived off the land and relied on the seasons and elements to bring them wealth, health and prosperity. Then again the seasons could also bring wind cold, summer heat, fire and water. The secret is balance, balance in all things of life. With balance then good health is possible, when an imbalance occurs then the body can present all kinds of problems. The five element theory explained these forces of fire, earth, metal, water and wood and how they all interacted with each other.

Chinese medicine is based on a few guiding principles that can can explain everything, according to TCM (traditional chinese medicine). I have never experienced such contradiction, a simple headache can have so many causes, is it liver qi rising? an excess of stomach fire? perhaps a kidney yin deficiency or blood stagnation. What will it be?… well that depends on the eight principles.

  • yin or yang?
  • excess or deficiency?
  • interior or exterior?
  • hot or cold?

Or it could depend on the identification of patterns according tothe forces necessary for all life: qi, blood and jing. Is there a deficiency, stagnation,or maybe rebellious qi?

Are the pathogenic factors of wind, dampness, cold, heat, dryness or fire present?

This five element chart shows the promoting cycle of the elements

This five element chart shows the promoting and over acting cycles of the elements

Perhaps the five elements will explain what is happening. Is wood or fire acting rebellious or are they overacting?

Is the liver overacting on the stomach and spleen? Maybe that is why our animal has poor digestion? Or could it be a spleen qi deficiency?

What does the tongue look like? In TCM the art of tongue and pulse diagnosis is very important as it reflects what is happening within the body mind and spirit. We are holistic and all things are connected. Lung yin deficiency could easily be from an emotional nature or liver excess could be from unexpressed anger.

It is important to know that this does not refer to the actual organ but to the organ system and how it works, according to TCM. Proper differentiation and diagnosis according to TCM principles are important when coming up with a treatment plan for our animal friend. Although chinese medicine can be very effective we want to address what the body is presenting by paying close attention to the signs and symptoms.

Our animal friends can have inbalances the same way we can. Once the body is brought back in balance then things will work the way they were intended. Digestion will work well, pain will dissappear and peace and harmony will again reside.

Acupuncture for animals

Although I do not offer acupuncture for animals at this time it is very effective and I highly recommend it. It can offer help with pain and other problems that western medicine may not be able to address. An acupuncture treatment is usually done by a holistic vet who is trained in the ways of TCM and fine needles are inserted at certain predetermined points on the body to bring balance back in that channel or organ system. I can offer help with animal communication and the messages that the animal shares with me. A scan of the their body can reveal blockages, imbalances or symptoms that may present themselves.

If you would like to learn more about TCM and acupuncture and how it relates your animal friend I will be posting more information on my blog or you can click on a subject that is in bold. Would you like to learn more about how TCM and acupuncture can help your pet?

Chinese Medicine Diet Therapy

Chinese medicine diet therapy is examing the imbalances that are presented and bringing the body back into balance through food and their different energies. A diet that has too many hot foods could present itself as oozing hot spots on a dog and perhaps a diet that was cooler or neutral may resolve the probems. Most of our senior animals are yin deficient and a diet that nourishes yin may help our older companions to be more comfortable. Did you know that chicken eggs and duck are yin nourishing foods?