Lovebirds with a mission…

August 21, 2010 by  
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I looked for an animal communicator because I was starting to feel desperate about Luigi the Lovebird and his ongoing illnesses.  Even though he is under the care of a good vet, I was afraid he was going to die and wanted to know if he was hiding more illness from me (as birds do).  Susan pinpointed some problems with his food and environment.  I have taken steps to correct these deficiencies, like ordering special sterile seeds from a avian vet in Australia!  I’ll do whatever it takes because Luigi is relying on me to take care of him.
“Luigi’s roommate, Binky, has some emotional needs that I have to fine tune my responses to and Susan was able to articulate the needs and the remedies to me in a way that made complete sense.
I was generally agnostic about animal communication before Susan’s call but now I’m convinced because she totally hit the nail on the head about Luigi’s health and Binky’s state of mind.  The personal messages Binky and Luigi had for me were very loving, relevant, helpful and precious.  Worth every penny and more.”  MMc Victoria