Traditional Chinese Medicine diet therapy

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Oh Sue, I cannot thank you enough!! Again, I cannot thank you enough!!  Selfishly, it confirmed what I got. I got her kidneys, as well!!! I also felt she missed ‘name deleted” (her mother – they got divorced last year) Yes. I did study the Chinese meats and had put her on the Qi deficiency diet for kidney and incontenance – now she needs the neutral –  I am going to say that is a good sign!! Ha, the peas are good!!
Also, way too cool on the butterfly – I did get that e-mail … Sue, very empowering, isn’t it??
Love to you,
A.C. Texas

Welcome to Animal Spirit Communication

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Welcome to Animal Spirit Communication! Here you will find information about animal communication, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, flower and tree essences, Chinese herbs, chakras and healing in general. You’ll learn fun facts, news about healing, upcoming classes and “how to” hints. I hope that you will visit often and are interested in what the animals have to say “from their point of view”

Love and light in healing

Susan Pipes