Try this for bee and wasp stings

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I was playing in the sprinkler with my granddaughter in  the backyard when I stepped on a wasp.  It definately surprised both of us and I got stung on my foot.  Wow, I forgot how much that stung!   I couldn’t sleep my foot throbbed so bad so  I got up and googled  antidote for wasp sting, and there was quite a few entries with similar comments 


I don't think the wasp who stung me looked this mean, we were just surprised to meet this way!

The most popular one was to put a vinegar wrap on the affected area. I had nothing to loose and a good night sleep to gain so  I tried this and after about 20 minutes I was finally able to sleep.  I had used acupressure as well on some on my ankle points and together they were really effective.

Remember – Bee stings use a  baking soda paste

                           Wasp stings use vinegar wrap – soaked paper towel is ok

I think this would help your animal friend too if  they were stung.  I had a pony once who stepped on a wasp’s nest.  What a mess, she was stung all over her face and body and I had over 22 wasp stings on mine.  That was a long time ago but I wish I used vinegar then.

I thought I would communicate with the wasp and see why I was stung, the answer was as simple as it gets: “You surprised me, I didn’t know you were there.  We came out for the water. ”  Hmm, makes sense after all we had not had rain for a very long time.  Next time I might wear shoes outside in the grass, but it feels so good to connect with the earth energy going barefoot.

According to several sources an injury on your foot means you should be aware of the direction you are going in life.  Something to think about.

Do you have any remedies that have offered relief for bee or wasp stings?